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About Us

Core Values & Other Objectives

Core Values :-

  • Caring, compassionate and honest in dealing with the patients.
  • Ensure transparency, appropriate information, continued care and counseling to the patients and the family.
  • Open to new ideas and be willing to adopt better practices.
  • Ensure right working atmosphere so that all the staff can work with dignity and have opportunity for self development

Why Imperial
For over 12 years now, Imperial Hospital has been the trusted healthcare partner of people of Jaipur as well as many other cities and towns. This is because of our tradition of care, compassion and excellence. Our culture of "Working in the Best Interest of Patient" results in Imperial being "Simply the outstanding Hospital". At Imperial we are focused on delivering the very best care to each patient through our team of extraordinary, patient friendly and ethical physicians and care providers.

Imperial Care is driven by protocol, reflect best practices, and ensure that our patients consistently receive quality care. Our philosophy ensures putting patient interests ahead of our own and delivering care with compassion, empathy and a human touch.

Other Objectives :-

  • To assimilate the finest in the medical talent and technique to offer high standard of patient care.
  • To develop as a center of excellence and be accessible to all, especially the common men.
  • Be user friendly and responsive, by adopting a patient and family friendly policy.
  • Enable our staff to deliver the high quality of service, recognize their commitment and endeavor to develop and reward them appropriately.