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Dept. of Critical Care

The Critical – Intensive Care department
at Imperial Hospital has the latest state-of-the-art equipments and is well known for highly qualified and experienced specialists. The ICU provides acute care for those patients who are generally unstable, critically ill and those in urgent need of advanced monitoring and intensive treatments. These tasks are carried out with precision, synchronization and coordination of a multidisciplinary team with unwavering commitment and teamwork.

The Medical ICU is a 14 bedded Unit, which has been upgraded to world class standards with fully equipped high end Monitors, Ventilators and Central monitor. Consultants and residents trained in the care of critically ill patients manage the ICU round the clock, with the help of specially trained qualified Nursing staff. Respiratory Physiotherapist mans all respiratory related tasks. This ICU has gained wide popularity as a tertiary care center for critically ill patients, not only for the city of Jaipur but also for the neighboring cities. We have treated patients with sepsis, poisonings, post-OP patients with multiple medical conditions, to name a few. Outstanding results have been experienced at our ICU. Our Critical care team provides a full spectrum of Medical, Surgery and trauma critical care services to the sickest of the patients. The Physicians are highly skilled and specialized. The nursing care is focused to meet the psychological, physical and emotional needs of the patients.

Essential for the quality of Critical care provided by Hospital are its facilities :-

  • ICUs is equipped with state-of-the-art ventilators and monitors
  • Portable x-ray facilities/emergency lab investigations
  • Arterial blood gas measurement by modular system