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General Guidance

General Guidance

Admission :-
Admission of a patient is done as per the recommendation of a doctor. After coming to the hospital, Casualty Medical Officer does the initial formalities & the concerned doctor/consultant is reported about the admission. The beds in the hospital are divided between General, Semi-private, Private and Deluxe category. Your preference about the category has to be told while preparing your file. Approximate charges for different categories can be asked at the Reception counter at the time of admission.

If the patient has some medi-claim or other cashless policy, CGHS, ECHS or other departmental employee etc, please inform the reception/billing department about this at the time of admission.

Items to be brought along when a patient is admitted. :-
All the reports of investigations recently done, prescriptions of current medications. Avoid wearing/carrying any valuables, jewellery (especially by the patient & attendant)

Visiting Hours :
Visiting hours are between 6 am to 7.30 am & 1 pm to 4 pm and 7.30 to 8.30 pm. It is for patient's comfort and quick recovery, that all are requested to strictly adhere to the timings and the number of visitors.

General ward patients are allowed only any attendant. Two attendants may be allowed in Semi-private and Private category rooms, but in the interest one attendant only should be there.

Discharge :
Most of the discharges are planned for the following morning. After clearing the bill amount show the bill at the respective nursing station to get the discharge card.

Information for Out-Patients (OPD) :
If you are visiting/coming to the hospital for the first time, a new case file (of the concerned consultant) has to be taken out. You will get your registration card, which you will have to produce for all subsequent visits (& will have to pay only follow up charges).

Any investigations, tests, x-ray, sonography advised by the consultant can be done in the hospital. Medicines prescribed by the doctor can be purchased from the hospital medical store.

You are requested to refer the OPD consultant time table (displayed in the hospital) to confirm consultant days and timings of the consultant. Please bring your reports of investigations recently done, OPD registration card, all prescriptions of medicines while coming to the hospital.

Patients are requested:

  • To do the advised investigations, tests & consult the doctor accordingly.
  • To do the necessary follow up.
  • To complete the full course of medication as advised by the doctor.
  • To inform/consult the doctor in case the prescribed medicines are not available and about alternative medicines.
  • To inform/consult their respective consultants in case of any reactions of the medicines prescribed.

Patient Responsibilities :-

  • Provide complete & accurate information about Personal Biodata & History His/her health /illness/treatments Family history/ illness etc
  • To discuss & understand the diagnosis & treatments with the Doctors/Nursing Staff
  • Abide by all hospitals rules & regulations :
    • No smoking policy
    • Visitors policy
    • Safety policy
    • Maintain Decorum / Cleanliness & Obedience
    • Maintain appointment schedule.
    • To communicate His/Her health conditions to Doctors, during post treatment /investigations.
    • Not to disturb other fellow patients
    • Give priority for doctors for emergency & critical patients.
    • To protect own interest & rights and to respect other patients rights & interest.
    • To follow the prescribed treatment plan & comply with the instructions of doctors.
    • To ensure safe & secure stay at hospital by following and adapting organizations norms & standards.
    • To ensure personal & other patients privacy & confidentiality .
    • To timely pay for the provided services billed as per the policy of the hospital.
    • To clearly indicate and advise for CASH/CASHLESS services for insurance claims.
    • To present & submit all required documents under the empanelled benefits.