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OPD Theater

Art of surgery is created by the hands of a surgeon. These hands are of no use, if there is inadequate operation facilities. All surgical departments need a well equipped Operation Theater (OT) to work with.The surgical departments save the precious life through operation. About fifty percent of hospital beds are allocated to surgical departments signifying its importance.

With the introduction of super specialty services and gradual development in operation technologies , the designing of operation theatre is becoming more sophisticated and complex in nature.

This has warranted an intelligent planning and skillful organizing of a modern OT so as to meet the modern demand for surgery as well as, matching the expectations of the surgeons.

Therefore planning an OT has become more crucial. Certain aspects like clean environment, adequate safety of staff and patients, controlling of infection, are issues to be considered at the stage of planning itself.The above factors reflects the importance of organizing an operation theatre, depicting the technical and conceptual skills of a hospital Administrator.